Can a Commodore computer make a comeback?

"Commodore" is generating quite a buzz lately and starting to focus on gaming machines.

March 7th, 2007 at 8:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: News

Ahh..the good ole days.

The Commodore Gaming company is preparing to sell new gaming machines under the old name Commodore. The company is creating high-powered machines similar to Alienware. Ars Technica has more details.

One of the characteristics of the Commodore computers was a sturdy case with everything contained inside except a storage device and printer. You would hook everything into a TV instead of a monitor.

Of course, those days are gone, but I'm sure that Commodore Gaming will present some unexpected surprises when they release their new gaming machines.

Granted, it won't be a Commodore VIC-20, but it'll be a welcome flashback.

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