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About DCS Media

Hi there,

My name is Jonathan Danylko and I write for DCS Media to help small businesses on a shoestring budget to make the most from technology while focusing on the latest Internet trends and personal aspect of how your business should perform.

Since 2006, DCS Media has been providing news, technology, small business and web design and development to Micro-ISV's and IT professionals who want to be first in obtaining an edge in their field.

I've been in the programing field with over 20 years of programming experience. I've been constantly updating the site to make DCS Media an excellent source for programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, Micro-ISV's, and small business owners as well as people who follow Internet/Intranet trends.

If there is a particular topic or technology you want to know about or inquire about, contact us and let us know. I will respond to your request as soon as I can.

I hope that you enjoy the web site and use it primarily as a reference tool, training tool, and news archive.

Jonathan Danylko
Danylko Consulting Services

Notice: Everything posted on DCS Media is strictly the opinions, ideas, and perspective of Jonathan Danylko.

If there is a need to get in touch with me, please refer to the contact page for details.