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Google Nexus One Android Phone Logo

LIVE Google Nexus Android Phone Conference Today

If you don't know what the Google Nexus Android Phone is, watch the live conference show today to find out.

Schedule some time out of your busy day to watch the live conference where Google will be introducing the Google Nexus Android phone.

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GMail Mail Fetcher

The GMail Mail Fetcher retrieves other mail accounts into GMail.

December 11th, 2006 at 8:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

TechCrunch - Google has taken GMail one step further to make GMail your one stop for all of your email accounts.

They have added a mail fetcher to consolidate all of your mail accounts into one GMail account.

TechCrunch has more on the new feature.

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Google buys JotSpot, Wired buys Reddit

Acquisitions, Acquisitions, Everywhere!

November 1st, 2006 at 6:10am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

Holy Smoke!

First off, Wired Digital has purchased the four-person, personalized social networking aggregating company Reddit.

According to the article, the terms were not disclosed and it will operate under Wired Digital. The story behind Reddit is really interesting as well.

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Google Docs: Writely and Spreadsheets Merge

With the acquisition of Writely and the combination of the Spreadsheets, Google now has Google Documents.

October 11th, 2006 at 9:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

Google combined their newest acquisition of Writely and their original "office flagship" spreadsheet product to create Google Docs.

It seems with the acquisition of YouTube, this newsworthy item slipped under my radar, but another site caught it.

Google Docs now provides a convenient location for all of your documents (Writely) and Spreadsheets in one central location.

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Google buys YouTube for $1.65 Billion.

Staggering news. I think everyone has been waiting for this to happen.

October 10th, 2006 at 4:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

Since I've been sick the last day/day and a half, I'm getting caught up on my news. This one floored me.

Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion (Dr. Evil pinky face) and judging by the press release of the news, YouTube complements what Google is all about and makes the video universally accessible and useful.

I wonder if Google Video and YouTube will play nice together. :-)

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Google Base Store Connector

Since we're talking about Google today...

October 4th, 2006 at 10:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

...we might as well talk about Google some more. :-)

First spotted: SearchEngineWatch.com

For those who have an Amazon, eBay, or Yahoo! store front, you can use the new Google Base Store Connector. This will allow your store products to be uploaded to Google Base, so you're connecting your inventory to another audience.

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Google Gadgets on your web page

Take a Google Gadget you like and add it to your web site.

October 4th, 2006 at 5:01am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

Google just announced that you can take any one of their hundreds of Google Gadgets and add them to your personalized Google HomePage, Google Desktop, or even your own web site.

Click on the "add to webpage" button and Google will take you step by step through adding it to your site.

Here is an example of one with the clock. Just insert the Javascript they supply to you and your off and running.

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Google Reader gets a facelift

Google has released a newest upgrade to their online RSS Reader.

September 29th, 2006 at 7:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google


Last night, I was reading my feeds in Google Reader and around 7:00-ish, Bam! New screen. I looked up at the URL to see if I was on the right site. Yep, Google Reader.

After taking it all in, I realized that Google upgraded their online RSS Reader to look more explorer-like where you have your categories on the left and the feed list on the right. Looks sharp!

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Update: Google Notebook enhancements

Google has enhanced and updated their research notebook.

September 27th, 2006 at 9:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

The Google Notebook site has been updated with features that are definitely a welcome addition to the ole journal.

I have been using the Google Notebook to write article posts for the site. Everything is put into notebook "categories" and provides a way for me to jot down some ideas for future posts.

Some of the features added include improved Drag and Drop capabilities, sharing notebooks, and integration with your Google Homepage.

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Google Services integrated into Intuit QuickBooks 2007

Intuit formed a partnership with Google Services.

September 14th, 2006 at 5:30am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

I just read on TechCrunch that Google is forming a partnership with Intuit to integrate Google services into QuickBooks 2007.

This means if you are a small business owner, you will benefit from the various services Google has to offer directly from QuickBooks 2007, which will be sold later this year. Great news for small businesses:

The meat of it seems to be that they are building Google services directly into Intuit’s QuickBooks, so small business users will be able to list themselves on Google Maps, create and manage advertising campaign with Adwords and post listings on Google Base.

Not only that, Google will be extending their reach even further past the QuickBooks user base.

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Google Earth Extreme Mod: Atlas Gloves

Someone created Atlas Gloves to control how you move around in Google Earth.

September 13th, 2006 at 5:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Google

MakeZine has a report on how someone created "Atlas Gloves" that allow you to virtually move a projection of Google Earth. You can zoom in and out and rotate the world.

Definitely watch the video. I didn't understand what the idea was at first, but after watching the video presentation, its definitely an interesting application.

This is soooo cool.

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