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Tag: Marketing

Branding 102

A continuing look at branding in various ways to give your audience an image of how you want to look.

October 11th, 2006 at 5:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Marketing

Based on my previous post a while back, the idea was to attach a brand to a product, or yourself, to show businesses you are unique and provide an extremely valuable service or product that no other company can match.

As an intro to this post, John Williams at describes the basics of branding for those who are trying to find the words to describe it.

If you are a Micro-ISV, your primary focus may be personal branding. Jesse Warden has provided a personal branding checklist for individuals (but its just as good for mISV's). I could not find another web site that compares to the breadth of this checklist.

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Top 10 low-cost or free ways to promote your business

10 ways to market your business on a shoestring (or free) budget.

June 20th, 2006 at 4:30am — Comments: (1) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Marketing

If you are an entrepreneur, you understand how hard it is sometimes to market your business and how tough it really can be. provides the top 10 ways for you to promote your small business with either little or no cost to you.

I don't know about the "offer your product for free" option.

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Brand-Building 101

4 steps for building your brand from scratch.

March 23rd, 2006 at 9:37pm — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Marketing

According to the article, you don't need a brand, but you should want one for your company.

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Software Marketing Resource

This is for all of you Micro-ISVs out there trying to get your product published.

March 22nd, 2006 at 9:40pm — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Marketing

You got your new product out there, but how do you tell people about it?

This site shows you some great marketing techniques.

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Want to push customers away? Don't do this!

Don't push customers away by...

January 16th, 2006 at 11:00pm — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Marketing

...creating a less-than-adequate web site.

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B.U.I.L.D. a great brand

Excellent acronym (and article) on growing your own brand.

January 8th, 2006 at 9:13pm — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Marketing

I definitely bookmarked this for later.

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